We are, first and foremost, an information website. We want to educate the public about celiac disease. For some people, they may not be aware that this condition exists. If you feel that your intestine is being attacked by some sort of disease, you may be right. Some may just dismiss this as ordinary stomach ache so you must be aware of your situation. We are here to let people know that this condition exists. Our website visitors can take advantage of all the articles and tech blogs that we publish on our website by sharing them to your family and friends. Their lives and their safety may be just one article away.

We Are

We are a group of advocates who have either personally suffered from the disease or have friends and family who have celiac disease. We know how it is like to have someone with such a disease. Because of the norm of having ordinary stomach aches and diarrhea, some people may just dismiss celiac disease as any ordinary condition. But children who suffer from celiac disease can have restricted growth. Some may suffer from too much fatigue or anemia. We want to raise awareness of this disease to people from different sectors of society.

We Offer

We offer information about the disease, its symptoms, its diagnosis, its effects on children, and other related diseases connected to celiac disease. We also offer various researches from different universities and laboratories that continue to study this disease.

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